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Welcome! A foreward by Proxima Centauri

Welcome to my home page! In the time that this page has been active (a little over a year) thousands of people have visited it, and the feedback that I have received has been most rewarding. I have done my best to keep the links updated, and have made improvements (such as presizing thumbnails) as I learn more and more about HTML programming. I'd like to thank everyone who has visited my pages, and hope to see you all coming back often as I make continual additions and improvements. PARENTS please be aware that this version of my pages is not suitable for children, but the FAMILY version is!

Who, or WHAT, is Proxima Centauri?

Proxima Centauri is my pen name, and is also the product of my fevered imagination. Created for a story-telling project, Proxima began to take on a life of hir own as hir character was developed. "Hir?" you ask? Yes, "Hir." You see, Proxima is not exactly a HE, and not exactly a SHE. Proxima is a S/HE - a hermaphrodite! And, you're sure to notice, s/he is a centaur! Proxima Centauri - terrible pun, I know - but it honestly is NOT my fault! Hir name comes from a man who's pun (and other mental game) skills would make the bravest cringe! And just what does Proxima look like? Click on the icon, and see! This image of hir was drawn by the famous Doug Winger - Furry Artist Extrodinaire!

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