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I LOVE to travel! At least, when I can afford the time and money to do so... While I've yet to leave the North American continent, I have travelled in most of the directions I can go there. I've been as far East as Washington DC, as far West as the Bamfield Marine Biology Station on Vancouver Island, and as far South as a little border town in Mexico. North? Well, living in Calgary, I'm about as far North as I already want to go - but I've taken the occasional jaunt up to Edmonton.

Places to Go

Home of the World-Famous Calgary Exhibition and Stampede!

YAAAAAHHOOOOOOO!!!!! It's the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth! 10 Days of Wild West action and excitement! From July 5th to 15th, it's the 2001

The ConiFur Northwest Homepage! October 1st to 3rd, 1999 near Seattle Washington. A newcomer to the Furry Convention group, this is a must-see con!

Albany AnthroCon Homepage July 2-4, 1999. An EAST Coast Furry Convention! Don't miss it!

The Shin and Kai Anime ConThe Shin & Kai Anime (and Furry) Con for fans in the UK. Sounds like fun, check it out!

ConFURence-X Home Page THE convention for Furry Folk! April 1st-4th, 1999 in San-Diego, California!

Disney, Need I say more?


NOTE: This is merely a list of airlines that I have travelled on. I do not represent, reccommend, support, nor advocate any airline over another.

A WWW page dedicated to airline travel on the Internet. Links to almost all known carriers!

Canada's Calgary-Based International airline.

Canada's OTHER major airline, based in Montreal, Quebec.

Canadian Airline's American partner.

US-Air's Home Page.

Delta Air Lines Home Page.

SouthWest Airlines Home Page.

NorthWest Airline's Home Page.

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