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YAAAAAHHOOOOOOO!!!!! It's the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth! 10 Days of Wild West action and excitement! From July 5th to 15th, it's the 2002

There's more to Canada's RCMP than Dudley Doright.

Looking for Real Estate in Canada? Start here!

Star Wars - The MUSICAL?! Yes, they did it!

The Universal cHANnEL Hercules, Xena, and more!

D-OH! MOVED! Anyone know the new URL?

Always looking for ways to increase the reach of his empire, Bill Gates has teamed up with Proctor & Gamble, Johnson&Johnson, Gerber, and Kleenex to bring you MicroSoft Baby '96 (Where will YOUR baby go today?) This comical parody of Gates and the major-brand baby-supply companies is sure to delight everyone (except, perhaps, Bill...)

The Doctor is here! Doctor? Doctor who?! That's right!! Warm up your TARDIS and jump through space and time to the Dr. WHO Homepage! This page has an incredible number of FAQs, images, trivia, and other MUST-SEE delights for Dr. WHO fans!

The UNoffical Reboot HomepageThe OFFICIAL Reboot Homepage

YTV's Sailor Moon!
What can I say? I LIKE IT!

United Colors of Benetton Just what DO these guys sell?!

The Dilbert Zone

Mechanical Mayhem!

The DeVRY Institute of Technology - I'm STILL paying back my student loans!

If you're running Win95, you NEED this page!

Calgary TALK Radio - QR77 AM

The greatest city in the world!

Northern Telecom's Home Page.

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