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Other Furry Links

The ConiFur Northwest Homepage! November 3rd to 5th, 2000 near Seattle Washington. A newcomer to the Furry Convention group, this is a must-see con!

Albany AnthroCon Homepage June 30th to July 3rd, 2000. An EAST Coast Furry Convention! Don't miss it!

ConFURence-XI Home Page THE convention for Furry Folk! April 6th-9th, 2000 in Orange-Couny, California!

Flinthoof PonyPal's Page

Alt.Fan.Furry The prime furry newsgroup!

THE place to be if you're a Furry, or think you are!

To access FurryMUCK I reccommend PHOCA MU* Client (for Win3.1 or Win95)

They're furry, they're funny! They're a Foxy and a Bunny! Kevin and Kell is a computer-distributed comic strip about the life of Kevin and Kell Dewclaw - a family formed by the union of a rabbit and a fox, and their children from previous marriages. A MUST READ strip for Furries - and especially furries who use computers and the Internet (Furries like YOU!) :) Click the Icon to the left to go to their main home page.

ScaryMan's Home Page

Zebras, zebras, and more zebras An online depository of Zebra Pictures!

Tau-Ceti's Furry Artists' Links Page. Many links to your favorite artists!

Kevin Kelm's "29% shinier" Home Page Triggur's Home Page.

The home of Jim Groat's and

has some Furry Folk in many of their stories!

Tygger's FTP Site has all her authorized GIFs!

The Light Bright Page Michele Light's Homepage.

Marci McAdams HomePage A local (in MY hometown) Furry Artist, Marci's artwork is a regular in HUZZAH! and many other mainstream Furry publications! More proof that we have some GREAT talent up here in Canada!

and all your other favorites are at Donna Barr's Homepage!

The Art of James Bender. Fantasy Artwork.

Idaho Bob's Hompage for Centaur Lovers!

The ORIGINAL (and one and only) newsletter for Centaurs!

The Goat Shed. Victor Wren's Homepage.

Magician Jap has Anime and Sexy Centaurettes!

YTV's Sailor Moon!
Okay, it's not exactly Furry - but I like it, and Luna and Atermis ARE furry!

Sex and Species transformations!

Elf Sternberg's JOURNAL series. Sci-Fi, Sex, and Furries!

Proxima's Personal Pages

Proxima's "Horsing Around" Page Horse-related Links and other interesting things.

Proxima's Techy Page Computers, Electronics, Games, Robotics, etc.

Proxima's Travel Page Places to go, and how to get there.

Other Links of Interest It's amazing what's out there! Here are some of my favorites!

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