Miniature Mayhem - PoohBear and Dirk

When Tonka passed away on Easter Monday in 1996, a part of me died with her. It would be a little over a year before another special horse would enter my life. But now, one has. Even when he's full-grown, he'll barely be knee-high to Tonka, but he'll hold as dear a place in my heart. I'd like to introduce everyone to Pooh-Bear, my new miniature horse colt!

Poohbear and his dam Penelope (Pen-el-o-pee) arrived on August 17th, 1997 after months of preparation to build their new home for them in my backyard. It took a lot of time and work, but it was well worth it. Penelope stayed with me and PoohBear in the city until November 23, 1997 when I had to make a hard choice. I had become very fond of my special little mare, but I also knew that she would be better off back on the farm, and that PoohBear would be better off with a playmate his own age and sex (thus eliminating the need to castrate him). So, with no small amount of sadness, I sent Penelope back to her farmland home, and exchanged her for my new colt - Russel's Dirk.

It's been a few months since Dirk's arrival, and he seems to have settled in quite happily with PoohBear and myself. He's still on the skittish side, but he's getting more and more trusting every day, and he aways comes up for a wary hug and nuzzle before scampering off to create more mischief with PoohBear. The two colts get along very well, being close to the same age and having bonded much faster than anyone had expected. I expect their youth has a lot to do with this, and it's hard to keep in mind that neither of them is even one year old at the time of this writing. They take turns chasing each other, grooming each other, and just generally horsing around.

The first images on this page show PoohBear at just three weeks old! I've been trying to take pictures of him on a regular basis, allowing me to share his growth with my friends out there on the World Wide Web. The newer pictures show PoohBear and Penelope at home in their paddock in my backyard, and the newest ones show PoohBear and Dirk. Unfortunately, once the horses arrived here, I was kept so busy taking care of them that I didn't have as much time for picture taking as I did in the past, nor are my notes quite as accurate as they were at first, so I can only approximate their ages with the later pictures. I will always be adding more pictures to add to these pages, so please be sure to check back often. Also, be sure to check out other links to miniature horse sites on my Horsing Around page, not to mention the other end of the scale - the Draft Horses!

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PoohBear at three weeks old.

PoohBear (5 weeks) Penelope, and a kitten.

PoohBear at six weeks - after playing out in the mud and rain.

PoohBear (7 weeks) and Penelope. Dinner Time!

PoohBear (8 weeks) and Penelope. Out like a light!

PoohBear at 10 weeks. First Halter, and one of my favorite pics.

PoohBear at 13 weeks, and Penelope. This is one FUZZY baby!

A late September snowstorm made us all glad for the warm barn.

Three days later, it had all melted.

PoohBear LOVES running up and down the hill!

Ever curious, PoohBear and Penelope explore the front section of the barn.

Out on the farm, a skittish Dirk gets his picture taken.

Poohbear isn't so sure about this new arrival to his personal space...

We had a white Christmas afterall!

PoohBear comes up for a closer look at the camera.

Maybe it's just the Christmas spirit, but they're getting along better now.

Having breakfast, and grooming each other.

Good friends now, they even share the same dish!

PoohBear and Myself as seen in the Jan 19, 1998 edition of The Calgary Sun.

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