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Welcome to my "CompuTechyStuff" page! Computers, Electronics, and Robotics are some of my favorite hobbies (not to mention my profession) and I've assembled some of my favorite links here. The Computers section has links to suppliers and manufactures of computer systems, parts, and software. The Electronics section has links to project sites, schematic sites, and suppliers. The Video Games section has links to classic video games sites. Of course, no Techy-Page would be complete without comics like Dilbert , Robot-Man, and for the Furry-Techies; Kevin & Kell!

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The Dilbert Zone

Mechanical Mayhem!

They're furry, they're funny! They're a Foxy and a Bunny! Kevin and Kell is a computer-distributed comic strip about the life of Kevin and Kell Dewclaw - a family formed by the union of a rabbit and a fox, and their children from previous marriages. A MUST READ strip for Furries and anyone else who uses computers and the Internet! Click the Icon to the left to go to their main home page.

One of several archive sites on the net has the complete set of strips for your collection!

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Microsoft Free Downloads Free upgrades and demos!

Apple's QUICKTIME .MOV viewer for MACs or Windows. Newest Releases here!

If you're running Win95, you NEED this page!

Internet PHONE - talk free over the net!


Creative Labs Home Page Sound Blaster, Video Blaster, and more!

SyQuest Technology Incorporated Removable Media HardDrive Solutions.

For Hard Drives I suggest or

Aztech Labs Inc." Makers of CD-ROM drives and Sound Cards.

US-Robotics Home Page THE choice for Modems!

NEC's Home Page Computers, Monitors, and More!

EPSON's Home Page Incredible InkJet Printers, and More!

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The Eternal Question: OR ????

All Electronics Corp. Browse their online catalog.

Electronic Products & Technology Commerical Newsletter for the Electronics Industry.

Microcontroller/Microprocessor Internet Resource List - MPU, MCU, IC, Chips, Integrated Circuits, Semiconductors

The Electronic CookBook Directory of The University of Alberta's /pub/cookbook

68HCxx Internet Resources - M68HC05, M68HC08, M68HC11, M68HC16, M68300, MPC500

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Video Games and Emulators

Atari Vector Game Page Remember those great Vector-Graphics games?!

SPARCADE is a highly-recommended Emulator for DOS machines.

The has ROM images for classic arcade games.

Remember ColecoVision?

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